18. September 2008 aerial-survey-base

Z/I Mount introduced (T-AS)

Z/I Imaging introduced the new Z/I Mount, which is replacing the T-AS gyro stabilized suspension mount.
The T-AS is widely used around the world.

Technical highlights:

  • can be use it with Intergraph’s Digital Mapping Camera (DMC ®), the RMK TOP
  • and several other sensors, including small-format digital cameras or LiDAR systems.
  • digital control for precise operation in standalone mode or under the control of an inertial measurement unit (IMU).
  • CAN bus diagnostic, self test functionality
  • integrated RS232 serial interface
  • works also with IGI and Track‘ Air FMS
  • weight 48 kg, payload 110 kg
  • max 140 Watt power consumption (4 Amps@28V)

Data sheet / brochure can be downloaded ion our camera section
image courtesy of INTERGRAPH, Z/I Imaging

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