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GSD Calculator - aerial-survey-base

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 Latest update:
  • Samsung NX-1000 included for Daniel from CZ
  • Sony Alpha ILCE-A7R II
  • HySpex VNIR-1800 Hyperspectral sensor
  • Installation routine changed
  • Ground Speed Warning updated (see help, thanks to William of Sao Paulo)
    Ground Speed Warning was not updating when GSD changed
 previous updates:
  • IGI Quattro-DigiCAM-400
  • IGI Quattro-DigiCAM-300
  • IGI DigiTHERM-1920-C
  • IGI DigiTHERM-1280-C
  • IGI DigiTHERM-640-C
  • IGI Penta DigiCAM-100    [Center]
  • IGI Penta DigiCAM-80    [Center]
  • 6-DAS-1 (Wehrli)
  • 4-DAS-1 (Wehrli)
  • 3-DAS-2 (Wehrli)
  • 3-DAS-1 (Wehrli)
  • Ultracam Falcon prime (Ultracam Falcon Mark II) updated (thanks to John from Pennsylvania)
  • Visionmap MIST IT
  • Visionmap MIST U
  • Visionmap MIST G
  • IGI UrbanMapper
  • IGI Digicam 100
  • naming conventions for Ultracam
  • more Help (ToolTips) included, move mouse over button/fields
  • Ultracam Condor included
  • IGI PentaCam updated
  • Nikon D810 + Sigma 30 mm lens (for Raja & Leo)
  • CS-1000 70mm lens included (for John)
  • Ultracam Falcon bugfix (thanks to Gianluca)
  • DMC III sensor type changed to CMOS
  • bugfix compatibility to Windows 7 & XP users
  • Leica ADS 100 – SH 120 included
  • Imao B66 included
  • PhaseOne IXU 1000 100 MP included.
  • DMC III intermediate image size corrected (Thanks to Kenneth)
GSD Calculator - aerial-survey-base