aerial-survey-base‘s mission is to empower people to become more productive with technology.

Technology was once a tool that reduced manual processes. – Now, it’s an inescapable aspect of the modern survey world.

Through our efficiency tools and training, aerial-survey-base seeks to ensure that technology can be your vehicle for productivity and company success.

"We understand how and why people use the equipment they do."

We Do One Thing, 

     – A lot of companies do many things.

We help people to save time with their existing technology: that’s it.

We’re a small company and don’t have the time to branch out and still provide the level of service our clients deserve.

A Focus on the Practical.

People frequently remark, “your business is great because people only use 20% of a product”, but that only captures part of the story.
We’d rather improve on that 20% if that’s what’s most important for our trainees than show them flashy features they might use twice in their lives.
We save people time and alleviate frustration; we can do that because:

We’ll Work With Your Business.

While we often work with aerial mapping firms and executives, our training has proven very effective for photographers, navigators and GPS specialists, and other individuals who use aerial photography heavily in their workday.

Planning projects, operating both analogue & digital cameras, processing GPS/IMU data and quality checks are tasks performed by all flight departments.

If there are members of your organization that perform these tasks regularly then we can improve and speed up their workday.

Unlike other training providers, we’re willing to work on-site with individuals if that’s the best way to improve your flight teams efficiency.

Our training ranges from the basics up through the very advanced, but all of our courses are focused on the efficient usage of the existing equipment – so you can work smarter and faster.

If you feel you or your company might gain from our training, feel free to contact us so we can together determine if there’s a fit.

A Focus on Retention.

When we leave your airport you will feel comfortable with the all the equipment we explained.

You’ll have already completed an intense flight job with practical benefits and you will have had personal time with an expert instructor who was able to answer your questions. Should you have additional questions, you’ll have everything for follow-up support.

A New Approach.

aerial-survey-base ‘s approach is quite different from other providers.

We use our own material and focus strictly on practical applications that can be learned and applied.

On-site Solutions.

By training on site we remove the exorbitant cost of travelling and equipment rental, as well as all the additional hours that are necessary to configure and maintain a training space.

You Won’t Miss Much Work !

We do most of our training on-site, with comprehensive exercises and practical flight jobs. We can come early and stay late.