Practical training for Data Acquisition Engineers, Navigators & Operators

Film or digital camera operation, Leica DMC
or Vexcel UltraCam, RMK Top or RC30 or even LiDAR?

We will educate your personnel to solve unpredictable conditions and circumstances & we will show you tips & tricks to avoid delays during operation. This includes information on the best suitable film material in order to achieve the best image quality possible and we’ll provide you information to deal with local specifics, to improve the digital image quality in the laboratory or post-processing and the necessary steps to obtain high precision GNSS/INS-data.

We’ll install a system to insure that your equipment is always ready to use; therefore avoid surprises, adjusting the existing system to your special requirements, configurations and conditions.

installation IMU in Vexcel Ultracam digital aerial camera IGI Aerocontrol

we’ll continue, where the system manufactures quit to support you.


  • practical training for Data Acquisition Engineers, Navigators & Operators, on site, *on hands*
  • Operation of Digital Mapping Cameras, as DMC & UltraCam series
  • Coaching service for all aspects of survey & mapping projects incl. processing
  • Survey flights & data acquisition with film & digital camera systems
  • Photo laboratory and digital post-processing training
  • Introduction and training on GPS/IMU based technologies & post-processing
  • LiDAR – airborne laser scanning, as Leica & Riegl (LiteMapper)
  • Camera system maintenance courses
Zeiss RMK TOP 15 aerial camera CCNS4 AEROcontrol


  • Services to increase productivity & efficiency of flight departments
  • Special, tailored solutions and technologies in the field of hardware and software tools
  • Consulting in digital photogrammetric workflow & data acquisition
Vexcel Ultracam Operator Display COS Camera Operation Software


  • Installation service for all mayor digital and film cameras, GPS systems and IMU units
  • Calibration, maintenance & repair for metric camera equipment
  • Hardware development for increasing the productivity of  analogue/digital aerial cameras
  • Emergency technical support
  • Equipment supply
Riegl LiDAR Laserscanner DART Pod LMS Q680i Q780 IGI LItemapper helicopter