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New Employee Training

Mentoring your employee’s helps them perform better, improve morale, and can help your business succeed.

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Tailored Solutions for your Flight Department

Practical training for Navigators, Data Acquisition Engineers & Operators.

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Operation Support

Survey operation support to clients renting or owning sensors,
Project management and consulting.

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International Operations

Our operations and training take us regularly to all continents and our expertise is based in the ability to operate effectively worldwide.

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Safety Management - Quality Management

Human Performance Training and Consulting can assist in the process and remove all the “smoke & mirrors” other vendors add to ensure they manage your system for you.

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Expert Witness & Ligitation Consulting

Providing litigation consulting & Expert Witness services, e.g. in the legal process relating to matters of insurance, review, research, opine and testifys.

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Sensor integration, installation, operation and assitance.


Operation training for your aerial, LiDAR and Thermal sensors.


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We operate in more than 120 countries all over the world.

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Person of great knowledge in the field of photogrammetric equipment operation. Excellent instructor, a person that is always available to answer any questions or problems. Developer of excellent tools used in our company as a regular, Oliver is always an answer and a solution thanks to the detailed analysis of problems and systematic search of information.




Oliver was a resource for the implementation of aerial photography products. He had an exceptional back ground in the planning and use of aerial cameras and associated equipment. I consider Oliver to be of the highest character and a trusted resource.




I will first say thank you for the valuable service, assistance and advice you provided to our organisation. Each of us here – are significantly more competent at our respective jobs than we were before you arrived. C… said it was one of the best decisions he has made; we all agree.




Also from my side , thank you very much for the time you have spent with us. …. we are all lacking a lot of experience and knowledge in the digital arena. Your visit here has opened the door for us to look into the digital world with much more understanding. We will now build on that platform you have laid here and gain more experience.




Oliver has an outstanding level of expertise in the area of GIS, aerial survey and photogrammetry. His hands-on experience of many years and passion makes him unique in the industry. I like Oliver‘ personal abilities very much. He is open to people and he is always ready to help.




As far as photogrammetry is concerned Oli is the best. However, his best asset would clearly be his ability to work with a customer to make them happy. Easily one of the most customer focused an friendly technician a team could have.



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