28. April 2009 aerial-survey-base

RMK D aerial camera from Intergraph Z/I Imaging

here are some pictures showing the new RMK D camera, which will be available for purchasing around 3rd quarter 2009.

Intergraph Z/I Imaging RMK D aerial camera

Intergraph Z/I Imaging RMK D aerial camera

The RMK D features 4 independed camera heads, for RGB and NIR. Each camera head’s CCD contains 40 MPix. The DMC post processing software will be able to process the imagery seamless to a high end image product. The RMK D will be able to communicate with the Track‘ Air, CCNS or Z/I’s Flight Management Systems, and can be installed in the T-AS, Z/I mount, GSM3000 or PAV30, PAV80. Among other medium format aerial camera, the RMK D is the only one which comes without Bayer pattern – for full resolution.


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