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Number of Digital Cameras

29 APR 2009

The total number of large format digital cameras (CCD chip based) is reported now to:

  • DMC = 94 (Intergraph Digital Mapping Camera)
  • UltraCam = 123 (Microsoft/Vexcel) (including all UltracamD,X,L)

in total = 217

For sure, I expected a bit more in total…

Push brom and Bayer pattern CCD, as Applanix, DigiCam, Rollei, DiMAC and others are not included, esp. because the Bayer CCD provides only half resolution by using demosaicking techniques.)

(This information is based on Information (Intergraph Z/I Imaging User Meeting – 28 April and Vexcel press notice of 29 April 2009, the Vexcel number includes all UltraCams, from UCD to Xp, and also the recently sale of 2 Ultracam L), so far these information came more or less on the same day.)


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  1. IBM

    Are these two cameras significantly superior to the others? What is the problem with the push broom systems?

  2. aerial-survey-base

    My personal opinion to this topic is, that ALL push broom or line scanners require an excellent IMU processing in order to get useable immage data. This can be a problem, similiar to the LiDAR technology. It works most of the time well, see ADS80 or 3-DAS-1 or JAS150 operators, but…
    Frame CCD do not require an IMU to get images out of the camera. For a Line Scanner this is a must.

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