17. September 2008 aerial-survey-base

Z/I Imaging RMK D Introduced

Z/I Imaging introduced the new RMK D digital aerial camera.
The camera is a so called Medium Format camera, but with full resolution, therefore no Bayern pattern CCD is used. So far, it is a new generation – different to most of the 39 Megapixel aerial cameras using a Bayern CCD.
technical features:

  • SSD drives
  • half footprint of a DMC
  • RGP, NIR
  • FMC (TDI)
  • Zeiss proven high geometric accuracy
  • 6.096 x 6.500 Pixel = 39 MPix
Z/I Imaging RMK D

Z/I Imaging RMK D

download data sheet / brochure here
(image courtesy of INTERGRAPH, Z/I Imaging)


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