29. September 2008 aerial-survey-base

IGI Penta-DigiCam

IGI Penta DigiCam with IGI AEROcontrol IMU IId

IGI intoduced a new oblique photography system, the Penta-DigiCam system,
4 oblique camera heads combined with an vertical one, all referenced by using the proven AEROcontrol IMU unit.
As I believe, that is only a small step on the way to an multi camera vertical system, as currently tested by the German DGPF.

The sample image here, the Eiffel tower in Paris, France, was captured by Interatlas using a IGI Penta-DigiCam (H39 Head, 39 Mio Pixel).

Image courtesy & copyright: InterAtlas, France
Penta-Digicam Image courtesy of IGI – Ingeniergesellschaft für Interfaces mbH, Kreuztal


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