17. Januar 2021 aerialsurveybase Ollie

GSD Calculator v530 – new PhaseOne PAS880

latest PhaseOne PhaseOne PAS880 Oblique & Nadir System included

 Latest update:
    • new sensors:
      • PhaseOne PAS880 Oblique & Nadir System introduced (thx to Poul from Norway)
      • Vexcel Ultracam Osprey 4.1 (parameters refined, esp. FOV and pixels,  thx to Frank from Germany)
      • DJI Zenmuse 3 system included (thx to Eduardo from Spain)
    • general:
      • since there are a variety of sensors, I have introduced a ComboBox „Manufacturers“ for better selection of the right system
      • help and other links to Website using now your Windows default browser, e.g. Edge, Chrome, Firefox instead of the Internet Explorer
      • PhaseOne Oblique system is on test, your valuable remarks are always welcome



[as always, download your free copy of GSD Calculator here]


GSD Calculator version 5.30
(Note: update check is currently not working cuz of Win10 updates, I'll work on it)
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