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Phase One Oblique System PAS 880

PhaseOne now with oblique

Phase One, well known manufacturer of medium and large format aerial cameras today presenting the new PAS 880 combined nadir and oblique system.

Phase One PAS 880 oblique

Phase One PAS 880 oblique

A 280MPix nadir camera is surrounded by four 150MPix  oblique cameras which are integrated into a single pod to simultaneously capture photogrammetric 2D & 3D digital imagery @ 2 frames per second enables 80% forward overlap at high speed.

The combination of 90mm/150mm lenses for nadir and oblique ensures balanced ground resolution products for all cameras.
The electromagnetical central leaf shutter provides speed up to 1/2500 sec. eliminating motion blur, even without FMC.

  • Nadir image  – 20,150 x 14,118
  • Oblique Image – 14,204 x 10,652

Tightly coupled GNSS/INS (2 IMU avbl.), 12TB SSD storage, remote diagnostics and other practical features integrated.

watch video:


PhaseOne PAS880 coverage

Phase One PAS880 coverage oblique


Download DataSheet / Brochure

see PhaseOne website

(PAS880 will be introduced into GSD-Calculator soon)

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