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GSD Calculator 5.43

Phase One PAS 880i supplemented

GSD Calculator 5.43 published including:

  • Phase One PAS 880i supplement

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Phase One’s PAS 880i NIR Oblique & Nadir System is an efficient all-in-one solution for wide-area mapping & 3D city modeling based on the prooven concept of the PAS 880.
The large-format nadir & oblique aerial solution comprises 4 oblique RGB cameras of 150 MPix (f=120mm) & 4 nadir 280 MPix RGB nadir (f=90mm) and an additional 150 MPix NIR camera integrated into a single pod to simultaneously capture photogrammetric imagery. That design produces 20,000 pixels across flight lines for the nadir & 14,000 pixels for each of the oblique cameras with a performance of 2 frames per second enabling 80% forward overlap at high speed.

The system is designed with central leaf shutters, providing shutter speeds up to 1/2500 sec. to eliminate motion blur. The 3,76μm BSI CMOS Bayer pattern pixels ensure sharp images under any light condition.

The system is delivered with the advanced Trimble Applanix GNSS/IMU receiver, where 2 IMU options are available: 510 level accuracy (IMU-91) or 610 level accuracy (IMU-57), post-prcessor is Trimble’s Applanix POSPac.

please note the additional software components available (iX Suite – Data capture workflow)

  • iX Plan – Mission planning tool
  • iX Flight Pro – Flight & sensor management tool
  • iX Process – Mission review, QA and image export
  • Precision trajectory by Trimble Applanix POSPac

iX Flight Pro FMS comes with 7″ pilot & 20″ operator display.

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