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GSD Calculator 5.41 including Leica DMC-4 released

new sensors: Leica Geosystems Digital Mapping Camera DMC-4

GSD Calculator 5.41 published including:

  • Leica Geosystems Digital Mapping Camera DMC-402OCT2022 updated:
  • Phase One PAS 280 focal lenght changed to 90mm (Thx to Poul, 90mm is always delivered and can’t be changed)

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Leica Geosystems launched the new 4th generation Digital Mapping Camera DMC-4.


Unlike earlier DMC models, the DMC-4 system consists of 4 modular MFC 150 camera heads with a total of 31,500 pixel across (Vexcel Ultracam Eagle Mark 3 comes with 26,460 pixel).

Corresponding to the proven 4-band MFC 150 technology from the Leica Content Mapper, different focal lengths can be used. This is particularly advantageous in view of the stricter air traffic regulations in todays time, e.g. for flying restricted areas.

Forward Motion is compensated with proven mechanical FMC, of course only in the direction of flight. In my opinion, Vexcel has the edge here with angular image motion compensation technology (AMC).
But together with the high performance Leica lenses and with the new PAV200 gyro stabilized platform, however, there will be high quality images even under adverse meteorological conditions.

The build in top-notch SPAN CNUS5-H IMU (500 Hz), connected to a NovAtel SPAN OEM7, 555 channel 10 Hz GNSS receiver will generate excellent image orientation parameters for processing in Leica HxMap suite of software.


I congratulate my former colleagues and especially Klaus N. for the successful new model and I am very happy that frame based sensors have been further developed.


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