3. Februar 2010 aerial-survey-base

100th DMC operational


Intergraph-Z/I Imaging today announced the 100.th DMC is successfully in operation.

Aero-Metric acquired their 3rd DMC, because of this nice, reliable and easy-to-use piece of technology.

Aero-Metric is one of the leading US flyers and head of technology in our business.

Today is also the time to remember a bit, since I made several years ago demonstration flights for Aero-Metric and Aeromap in Anchorage, Alaska, at the time the ASPRS congress was held over there. It was really impressing to see how they work over there.

I had a fantastic time working at Intergraph Z/I Imaging for several years: exploring fascinating technology, traveling across continents, working with a talented and diverse group of colleagues, An unforgettable experience!

So, back to the „Mercedes“ of the Digital Mapping Cameras.

Since the DMC (Digital Mapping Camera) was introduced in 2002, several improvements are incoperated into the camera. The most reliable in my opinion is the use of Solid State Disc SSD and the Download/Copy station. Also, the PPS Post-Processing Software getting improved from year to year. Handling of the camera is easy, and the excellent software allows the operator in-flight control of the imagery. Post processing can be done in the evening in the Hotel. Very important are the radiometric features. These improvements to PPS software allow the easy generation of correct, natural and acceptable imagery to be delivered to the customer.

From the technical point of view, I believe in of course in German Engineering and manufacturing. Since I got several surprises in my work, I am a believer in that. So, let me say, the DMC is the Mercedes-Benz under all the Digital Cameras. If you have a look inside the „Japanese type“ of cameras, you will see standard car type electronics, standard amateur type lenses and believe it or not, even the computer parts are most of time standard home-use boards, I saw 80 USD boards in very expensive cameras. This would be – of course – acceptable in order to produce some kind of imagery, but not for the pricing of these cameras. And of course, everything is covered by a nice hood and looks fine, but what will be happen with your large investment. So, I always say, take a deep look inside and under the hood…., same you are doing when buying a (much cheaper) car.

So today, I am happy to note, that the DMC is continuing to be successful in operation with leading companies all over the world.


Mount Mc. Kinley

DMC installation (first DMC, still with MDR)

AERO-Metric Piper aircraft


DMC aerial camera T-AS installed in aircraft








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  1. AM

    Hi Ollie,

    For Aero-Metric it was a bold move to be an early adopter of DMC technology in North America. A hundred DMCs later I think we can now be called visionaries. In North America now the standard is direct digital acquisition for large mapping programs. As we did our evaluation knowing we would need to add a new camera this year, the DMC came up on top once more. All our team in Alaska says "Hallo".

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