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The Role of Geoinformation in Combating Coronavirus

GIM International Magazine

Hi Folks,

I hope you and your families are doing well under the current COVID-19 global situation.

Numerous countries around the globe are in lockdown, governments have issued severe travel restrictions, companies have closed their offices, survey flights canceled…

Over the coming weeks, ‚GIM Magazine‚ will be zooming in on the role of geoinformation and the geospatial industry can play in mapping how the outbreak is developing, and also potentially in combating the pandemic. As is often the case, a picture says more than a thousand words. GIM present a series of maps from the Esri StoryMap team, visualizing the latest developments concerning the spread of the virus.

The Role of Geoinformation in Combating Coronavirus

As with any crisis, this one presents us all with an opportunity to come out stronger and better as a team.
Again, I hope everyone stays safe, and I wish you and yours good health during this time and always.

best regards