Equipment for sale
aerial survey and mapping, survey aircraft, mapping cameras

updated  Feb 15, 2018

  • Leica PAV30 Mounts
    set of two Leica gyro stabilized suspension mounts for sale.
    works well with UltraCam series.
  • LiteMapper 6800-400 LiDAR   * sold *

    • consists Riegl LiDAR LMS-Q680i – PPR 400 kHz  (Datasheet)
    • DataRecorder, LMcontrol-II (LiteMapper Computer Unit), Office Download Unit, TFT Operator Screen
    • LiteMapper aircraft mount, Power Distribution box, Transport Box
    • LiDAR is almost new, just 300 operating hours since purchase


  • Ultracam X  (UCX)  * sold *

    • UltraCamX camera with totally 4 DX DataStorage units (2+2)
    • purchased in 2008, calibrated in 2012
    • including Docking station with PCI computer cards
    • IGI CCNS 4 and Aerocontrol IId Flight Management and IMU system (2 monitors)
    • IMU Calibrated in 2012
    • IGIPlan and AeroOffice flight planning and GNSS/IMU processing software (latest version)
    • 1 year warranty for the system



coming soon:

  • Ultracam Xp (UCXp)

-> Products for land surveyors. (used Total Station, GPS, Theodolites, Mobile Mapping Systems, Laser scanners, Levels etc.)