23. September 2008 aerial-survey-base

IGI Digicam 4 Head, ADS, DMC, JAS-150, UCX on DGPF

The German Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (DGPF) currently works on a evaluation project comparing digital aerial cameras:

  • IGI – Digicam 4 Head
  • Leica ADS40
  • Intergraph DMC
  • Jenoptik JAS-150
  • Microsoft Ultracam X, UCX
  • AIC x4 (Rollei/Trimble)
  • Intergraph RMK TOP

In addition, Hyperspectral sensors and also LiDAR (ALS50/Falcon), will be evaluated at Vaihingen/Stuttgart Testfield in next future.

Probably this will be the most extensive test comparing camera systems.


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