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GSD calculator 4.40 – Vexcel Ultracam Condor

GSD calculator version 4.40 released.

Vexcel-Imaging Ultracam Condor, currently the aerial camera with largest footprint (37.800 x 5.200 pixel) included.

The Condor is developed out of the famous Ultracam G, most known from Bing Maps program and now available for all aerial surveyors.
It comes with a very large RGB array, but still consist a mapping grade 120 Megapixel Pan image, but additionally also a lower resolution NIR image.

The Ultracam Condor is best choice for mapping large areas and because it’s super footprint, it becomes very economical and efficient.
The high resolution RGB image will ideal choice for Orthophoto generation, while the lower resolution (mapping grade!) Pan image can be used for automatic DTM/DSM generation.
The NIR image will additionally help for classification and DSM generation. Condor comes with extended TDI as Forward Motion Compensation, which allows use of fast and high flying aircraft, such as Jets and Turboprops.

In combination with the new Versions of UltraMap 4.x (5.x), where DTM/DSM generation modules and color balancing was updated, the Condor will be an excellent tool for large area mapping projects.


Updates on GSD Calculator: NIKON D810 + Sigma 30 mm lens included.

Form Version 4.40 we will more focus on Microsoft Windows 10. Windows XP and Windows 7 Users can still use Version 4.39.
We will recommend upgrading your machine to Windows 10, currently upgrades are free. Windows 10 works well with most software we use in our community, such as Track‘ Air XTRACK, POSTRACK, Applanix POSAV, IGIplan, IGI AEROoffice, all RiProcess software from Riegl and image postprocessing software such as Vexcel UltraMap and Leica PPS/HexMAP.


The GSD Calculator will be delivered to you via Dropbox from now on, since most Email provider block email attachements.

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