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GSD Calculator v512 – new Vexcel Ultracam Osprey 4.1

latest PhaseOne 280MP included:

 Latest update:
  • Vexcel Ultracam Osprey 4.1
  • PhaseOne 280MP
  • Sony Alpha ILCE-A7R II – bug removed, thanks to Yanning from China – just for our drone pilotos

Vexcel introduces the 4th generation UltraCam aerial imaging sensors. The Osprey 4.1 simultaneously collects photogrammetry grade nadir images (PAN, RGB and NIR)& oblique images (RGB) in four directions.  The mapping system pushes flight productivity to a new level, collecting 1.1 Gigapixels every 0.7 seconds. The new Adaptive Motion Compensation (AMC) method compensates for multidirectional motion  image blur and compensates for GSD variations also in oblique images. In my opinion the new standard in urban mapping and 3D city modeling.


PhaseOne’s 4-band configuration 280MP consists the proven iX Controller, GNSS/IMU (POS AV series), Somag gyro-stabilized DSM 400, the Phase One flight planning and management software iX Plan and iX Flight as well iX Capture. The IXM 280MP 4-Band comprises dual 90mm lenses for RGB, & a 50mm lens for additional NIR. As a result you’ll get 4-Band (RGB,NIR) or CIR imagery

last update:

  • IGI_DigiCAM-450 (PhaseOne 2019)
  • IGI_Dual-DigiCAM-200 (PhaseOne 2019)
  • IGI_Dual-DigiCAM-300 (PhaseOne 2019)
  • Leica CityMapper-2  High-Performance Urban (hybrid) Mapping Sensor
  • CityMapper-2 S & CityMapper-2 H separated (Thanks to Poul)


[as always, download your free copy of GSD Calculator here]


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