17. November 2019 aerialsurveybase Ollie

GSD Calculator v508

new version of GSD Calculator including:

  • IGI_DigiCAM-450 (PhaseOne 2019)
  • IGI_Dual-DigiCAM-200 (PhaseOne 2019)
  • IGI_Dual-DigiCAM-300 (PhaseOne 2019)

IGI DigiCAM (full metric capabilities) are designed by IGI using PhaseOne camera heads.
The IGIvisu operator interface and IGI IPS software ensure that image capture and quality control is extremly easily done during and after flight.
Being part of IGI’s Modular System Concept, the camera can be upgraded to a 2-IN-1 large format and oblique aerial camera system (UrbanMapper).

The DigiCAM-450 provide 30,460 x 14,100 pixels, the extended Extended Nadir Image Size, Ex-RGB even 34,500 x 14,100 pixel (BSI-CMOS sensors).

As all modern DigiCAMs, the elextronic leaf shutter provide FMC by BCM methods.


as always, download your free copy of GSD Calculator here