16. Mai 2019 aerialsurveybase Ollie

European Association of Aerial Surveying Industries – EAASI

The idea that started at Helsingør in December 2018 of forming a European Association of Aerial Surveying Industries has become a reality.
The Association, called EAASI, has been finally incorporated.

The objectives of the organisation are:

  • Make users and potential users of Geo-Information aware of the benefits of aerial surveying
  • Achieve a high awareness of the strategic role that aerial survey data play in the framework of digitalisation, information systems and virtual reality
  • Define, maintain and promote quality, safety, ethical and business requirements for the aerial surveying industry
  • Promote the use of international professional standards in the field of gathering geospatial data
  • Facilitate the networking and provide a platform for regular contacts, information exchange and cooperation between the members
  • Provide members with information about the developments of technological knowledge
  • Ensure that the common interests of members are represented in national and international committees which exert influence on the members
  • Advise and assist funding and executing agencies and organisations in matters concerning aerial surveying
  • Promote the generation of a sustainable market for Geo-Information using aerial surveying
  • Take all other actions as may be conducive to the attainment of the above objectives, such as concluding agreements, engaging personnel, hiring, leasing, buying and selling property.

visit EASSI webpage