Optech’s new aerial cameras CS-15000 & CS-10000

Optech Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of advanced lidar and aerial camera mappers, announced the release of its new CS-15000 & CS-10000 aerial camera systems.

These are the first large-format cameras to include both patented field-replaceable shutter and FMC technologies, making it the best solution for wide-area mapping as well as an excellent film camera replacement. The straightforward architecture also ensures image accuracy and clarity, while the design is optimized for reliability and operational efficiency. Background comes from DiMAC  aerial systems, a french camera manufacturer, which was acquired by Optech a while ago. DiMAC produced the Digital Modular Camera series Dimac wide etc.

Footprint sizes of the new Optech aerial cameras:

CS-15000 = 15.000 x 10.000 pixels = 150 Megapixel

CS-10000 = 10320 x 7760 pixels =   80 Megapixel

update (27MAR2012): GSD Calculator now features Optech’ cameras.



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