GPS Status updated, Higher accuracy expected

This month (May 2010) the 1st Block IIF GPS Satellite will launch from Cape Canaveral. It will be the fist of 12 new ones, which U.S. Air Force ordered at Boing and this campaign is a part of the GPS Modernization Program. (learn more about Block IIF).

Boeing delivered also the 39 other SV’s (Block I and Block II/IIA).  The new GPS IIF features twice the navigational accuracy of the current satellites and should deliver more robust signals for aviation and SAR (probably also for Photogrammetry and Surveyors), meaning the new L5 signal. The new Block of SV’s id designed for a 12 years life time period. (But Gallileo is still coming up)

A interesting demo to explore the actual GPS Status can be found on KOWOMA website, running by Dr. Anja Köhne und Dr. Michael Wößner from Suisse.




Go to on KOWOMA

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