Energie Boom & Mapping – a case story by Midwest Aerial Photography (Ohio)

Predictably, the modern day gold rush has touched off a frenzy in the mapping business, too. For a cubic foot of natural gas to find its way from the Marcellus Shale formation nearly 9,000 feet below the surface to the furnaces of regional energy customers, maps are needed–and in some states legally required–in every phase of development, from exploration and land leasing to well pad siting and pipeline construction. “This is a classic energy boom–the oil and gas companies that get there first are going to grab the golden egg,” says Ken Scruggs, President of Midwest Aerial Photography. “In terms of mapping, the demand is intense because the development activities are changing the area so fast that maps are out of date after four or five months.”

Midwest Aerial has experienced the relentless request for timely imagery since April 2011, when the firm was first contracted by Blue Mountain Aerial Mapping to fly collections over the basin. Since then, these companies have had to push their respective aerial acquisition and map generation capabilities to the limit–and beyond–as Marcellus success is increasingly tied to economic recovery. Both firms credit digital technologies with helping them stay ahead of the nonstop demand for maps.

Midwest Aerial’s Piper Aztec

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Midwest Aerial focuses exclusively on airborne imaging and data collection. The firm has intentionally built its reputation on getting an aircraft over the target site when and where the end user needs it. Reliability is such an integral part of the company’s business model that it formed an aircraft maintenance shop several years ago to ensure its planes are always first in line for repairs and seldom grounded by mechanical issues.

Z/I Imaging DMC II in TAS mount


read more about Energy Rush and Mapping in this very interesting article at April 2012 issue of Point of Beginning Magazine (POB)

Midwest Aerial Photography  was also first company intoducing the new DMC II series camera in production after it’s roll out in 2010, mainly used for the USDA’s National Resources Inventory (NRI) Program. Shortly later, Midwest Aerial Photography aquired as first company in the world a second DMC II aerial camera system. The  Zeiss/Intergraph DMC II digital camera system continues to demonstrate ‘Best in Class’ performance for photogrammetric imaging applications.


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